Kanoon Aur Mujrim

Released On - 01 Jan 1981     1hr 52min


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Seth Shamlal is a wealthy man and runs a well-known luxury hotel in the city. His manager Khanna, looks after the business of the hotel and reports to him. He is also soon to marry Shamlal’s only daughter Shobha. The couple marry and leave for Delhi. Things take an ugly turn when Shamlal is found dead and the housekeeper and maid recognize the killer as non other than Khanna. Shobha however gives his alibi that he was with her in Delhi at the time. Inspector Kulkarni and Anand are  assigned the case, when things go horribly wrong once again. Kulkarni is found murdered and so is Khanna. The film is directed by Sham Jethani, Jiwan Kumar and is produced by S C Jethani. The music is composed by C Arjun. The star cast includes Vijendra Mittal, Madhu Malini, Bharat Kapoor, Padma Khanna, Meena T and Jayshree T.