Kasam Durga Ki

Released On - 01 Jan 1982     2hr 15min


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The zamindar and sahukar of the village ill treat the poor villagers and spread their rein of terror. A hard working farmer named Dhanu gets very good crop that year and is over joyed at the profits he will make with it. However before he could do so, the zamindar demands he give his produce to him as a repayment of his loan. Dhanu’s son Raja is furious at this and fights to protect his rights but is stopped by his mother. The
zamindar in anger even takes away their land. Now left with nothing, the family is in despair. But Dhanu does not give up hope. He, along with his son Raja, younger son Sangram, daughter Durga and a friend’s son Sultan, work day and night on a barren land. Finally there is a  harvest. Seeing this the zamindar and sahukar are envious and send their men to burn Dhanu’s house, rape Durga and destroy their crops. Raja is disillusioned by all this and becomes a hardened dacoit, to take revenge for his family. The film is directed by Joginder Sharma and produced by Harjeet Gill and Rakesh. The music is composed by Sonik Omi. The star cast includes Joginder, Raza Murad, Vijay Arora, Sona, Darshan, Dhanraj, Jhony Whisky, Kanahiya Lal, Prakash Gill, Rajan Haksar, Rajpal, Ram Mohan, Rajni Sharma and Kirti Bahl.