Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana

Released On - 05 Jan 2007     2hr 25min

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Four ladies namely; Mayuri, played by Rekha, Kanika, played by Kim Sharma, Natasha, played by Vasundhara Das and Anjali, played by Mahima Chaudhary are close friends, inspite of being from different age groups. They normally share their secrets and other gossip at the beauty salon, where they all meet to get their beauty treatments done. They talk about anything and everything under the sun that they feel they want to share with their close friends. They all share a close bond with each other in many ways than one.


Out of the four, only Anjali is unmarried and thus is the reason all the other three women envy her, as she can date any man and enjoy her life while they have to live monotonous and unexciting lives, serving their respective husbands. Anjali also happens to have very good luck. Whatever she has bet on she has mostly won. So the three friends hatch a plan to make her lose the bet where she has decided not to marry till she turns 25. She eventually meets a boy called Amar, played by Ashmit Patel and falls in love with him. Now only time will tell if the friends win the bet or Anjali.


The movie is directed by Amar Butala and produced by Mejoo Khan and Amar Butala. The music is composed by Iqbal Darbar and Yasin Darbar.