Released On - 01 Jan 1971     2hr 8min

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Shankar Roy lived in Nijhumgarh with his as it were girl Ranu. His as it were spouse Aparana abruptly kicked the bucket in an mischance. Everybody got to be exceptionally dumbfounded by the mischance. Afterward police suspected Shankar as a executioner of his spouse, but there were no prove against him. Mr. Chowdhury who was as it were gatekeeper of Aparna got to be exceptionally disturbed by the total occurrence. In such a circumstance Sheba, an ancient companion of Aparna came to Nijhumgarh. She was not as it were an brilliantly but too exceptionally keen. She worked as a tutor of Ranu. Within few days, she found something off-base within the entirety circumstance. After a delayed examination, Sheba at final found the genuine offender and uncovered the scheme made by the offenders.