Kyun Hua Achanak

Released On - 07 Jun 2013     2hr 0min

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Kyun Hua Achanak
Indian Film History
Kyun Hua Achanak
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Jannat Ke Pallu Nihira Joshi, Shaan 5 Lyrics 4 : 58
2 Aa Gaye Hum Mohit Chauhan 4 Lyrics 5 : 46


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A middle class boy is unhappy with his marriage and after an argument with his wife he decides to leave the village and go to Mumbai for better job prospects. There he meets a pretty girl at a bar who offers him a job of a male gigolo. Amused and shocked he reluctantly accepts the job. He is happy with the amount of money he gets to make. He then meets a young widow who is besotted by him and proposes marriage to him. He accepts her proposal without telling her he’s already married.


The young widow who he married is a multimillionaire, and he lives a very comfortable life full of all kinds of luxuries. Things seem to be going smooth until one day, when he gets a call from his first wife. The young multimillionaire overhears his conversation and is so furious that she throws him out of her house. He is now lost and goes back to the girl who first offered him the job and narrates the whole incident.


Later mysteriously it is revealed that the boy’s first wife as well as the young multimillionaire he married are both found murdered. Confused and panic struck, he is unable to find answers, but what he finds out will knock the living day lights out of him. The movie is directed by Rajendra Shiv and produced by Amit Shrivastav and Narendra Singh. The music is composed by Rajendra Shiv.