Laila A Mystery

Released On - 01 Apr 2005     2hr 10min

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Laila, played by Payal Rohatgi is a bold and beautiful girl, who seduces rich and powerful men. Once they get seduced by her beauty and charm she makes them fall in love with her. Then they get into bed with her and she shoots their raunchy videos and pictures and later blackmails them. This goes on for a long time and since the men are very concerned about their reputation, they are willing to pay any price to Laila. So it’s a win win situation for Laila but a losing battle for the men.


One day a undercover cop gets a whiff of this racket and plans to explore more and nab the culprit red handed. But the woman’s description is more than what he has heard of. He has to now rely on no one but himself to uncover the dark truth that many men have been hiding.


The movie is directed by Vicky G and produced by Vinod Vyas. The music is composed by Bappi Lahiri and Nikhil Viney. The cinematography is by Aniket.