Lateef: The King Of Crime

Released On - 01 Aug 2014     1hr 59min

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Lateef: The King Of Crime
Indian Film History

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The underworld and crime capital though always thought to be the city of Mumbai, there is another place that this movie explores. It is the state of Gujarat, which hides an ugly unbelly of crime and treachery and, which also documents the rise and fall of one of the most notorious gangsters of the 80’s called Abdul Lateef.


Lateef had built his empire with the blood of the innocent and of his staunch enemies. They were envious of his rising successes and wanted to take his place. Lateef never bowed down to anyone, neither his detractors nor the police and always proved his power was invincible.


But fate had other plans for him. In a major planned operation by the Ahmedabad police, Lateef was killed in an encounter that was to teach all the future gangsters a lesson by the law enforcement agencies and prove yet again that good always wins over evil.


Lateef: The King of Crime is directed by Sharique Minhaj and produced by Reenu K Seth. The music is composed by C P Aslam,Salim Sen.