Released On - 12 Oct 2012     2hr 5min

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The movie showcases the perils of the Internet and once we login into the virtual world we forget our real world. We are getting more detached from the people who are close to us and getting attached to the people far from us. Using the Internet can be a blessing and sometimes easily turn into a curse as there are always people who are ready to misuse things that are effortlessly accessible.


This movie revolves around the life of three individuals who fall prey to the dark side of the world web. Jai, is desperate to find love and goes on an online dating site to find someone that might interest him. Vandana is a lonely housewife who spends her free time in chatting to strangers and feeling like she has someone to talk to and they will listen. Debashish works at a call center and is using the net to make himself rich.


The use of the world wide web is causing different kinds of problems and risks for all these three individuals and their life goes out of control when one thing leads to another and they are unable to curb their urge to be online. The movie is directed and produced by Sanjeev Reddy and Narendra Singh. The music is composed by Sunil Kashyap.