Love Nation

Released On - 04 Aug 2023     1hr 59min

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Love Nation
Indian Film History

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This can be a Story of Researcher Played by Deepak Parashar who was the flag-bearer to Tranquility and the Darling of Mankind, misplaced his life whereas taking after the way of ''Ahimsa Parmo Dharma'' by his unpretentious considering, proposed by him to diffuse the bomb and Atomic blast not to Make a War. Rather to shower the Cherish and Fondness upon Mankind. Presently, concluding the full section the Mission is carried by his claim child Vishal, and the Inventive group Mission with Youthful skilled individuals like Milind Gunaji (Researcher) Arman (Jr. Researcher.) in understanding with Nirmala Devi (Gargi Patel) to reach the goal and to move to flawlessness and total the work. There are lots of ups and Downs and deterrents on the way, But in the long run Mission Incomprehensible gets to be conceivable. Dharmendra is playing an Awfully Pivotal part amid this Mission. And the result clearly show the truth and triumph of ''Ahimsa Paramo Dharma''