Madmast Barkhaa

Released On - 29 May 2015     1hr 55min

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Madmast Barkhaa
Indian Film History

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Barkhaa, played by Leena Kapoor is a simple and sweet girl. She is married off to a Ranbir, played by Ashish Joshi who is in the Indian Army and doesn’t get to spend much time with his wife due to his nature of duty. He sometimes is out of his home for days and months together. Because of this, his wife Barkhaa has started to feel lonely and confused.


She has met Ranbir’s friend Akaash many times before but now she has started confiding in him about her loneliness. Soon they become very close and eventually start having an affair. They try to keep their romance under wraps but unfortunately Ranbir’s sister Neetu, played by Zoya Rathore comes to know of the affair.


One day out of the blue Ranbir returns home to surprise Barkhaa and finds her with Aakash. He is infuriated and has an argument with her. Later Barkhaa’s dead body is found in a swimming pool and Aaskash puts the blame on Ranbir which is flatly denies. The mystery gets more intense thereafter. Madmast Barkhaa is directed by Jaspal Singh and produced by Singh Multimedia Creation. The music is composed by Raj Verma.