Mahima Kashi Vishwanath Ki

Released On - 08 Aug 2003     2hr 5min

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A man hears of a strange and disturbing prediction that if he marries, he will die, thus he remains unmarried with the fear that he might die. However, Lord Shiva in Kashi makes a divine prediction that one girl will never be widow and thus the man must marry her. Lot of accidents happen with the man. He has a near death experience too, but every time he gets saved. Now he has a horrific accident when he nearly dies but his wife saves him by taking him to Kashi on time to be saved.


The movie is directed and produced by Ravi K Patwa and Sanjay Khandelwal. The music is composed by Ram Shankar and the story is written by Ravi K Patwa and Sanjay Khandelwal. The cinematography is by Triloki Chowdhary and the choreography is by Acharya Raj Deepak, Nicky,D Shinde. The star cast includes Arun Govil, Adarsh Kumar, Moona Mateear, Kiran Kayyani, Dev Malhyotra, Shashi Sharma and Jaanhvi Sangwan.