Main Hoon Kharidaar

Released On - 16 Nov 2007     1hr 55min

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Naresh is happily married and living in a village. He wants to become big and successful and thus leaves his village and wife and goes off to the city. While there he meets a beautiful girl called Simi and marries for the second time. While spending time together in a garden, suddenly the police come and raid the place and arrest everyone there including Naresh and Simi, thinking that they are just fooling around. A corrupt politician and officer eye Simi and are attracted to her beauty. They take the couple to a remote cottage where they get Naresh drunk, while they rape Simi.


A devastated and crippled Simi takes to prostitution after the horrific incident. Naresh turns into a pimp and deals with clients for Simi. Simi comes to know that she is pregnant and delivers a baby girl named Pallavi. She however leaves Pallavi with Naresh’s first wife as she wants to keep her child away from the sorry life they lead in the city. However, when Pallavi becomes 15 years old, Naresh tries to get her into the flesh trade too but both his wives object and join forces.


The movie is directed by Shakeel S Saifee and produced by Ajesh Mishra. The music is composed by Santosh Sharma. The star cast of the movie includes Yunus Parvez, Anil Nagrath, Sameer Khakhar, Sarvjeet Singh, Harish Sanghani, Muskan Khan, Ajesh Mishra, Kalim Khan, Reema Lagoo, Ralchee Bajaj, Ashika, Jaya and Mahek Kumari Naaz.