Meri Life Mein Uski Wife

Released On - 29 Jan 2010     2hr 0min

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Jatin is kind and compassionate person. He is very helpful and his friends value him a lot. His friends include Padam Kumar and wife Diya, Basu Bose and his wife, Gaurav Shah and Kuch Bhi Singh. Jatin one day meets a beautiful girl called Sheetal and they both become good friends. Evetually the friendship blossoms into love and the two decide to tie the knot. However the marriage doesn’t last very long, as Sheetal gets killed in a horrific accident.


Jatin is heart broken and devastated at losing his love and becomes very reclusive and isolates himself from all. His friends suggest he get married again to get away from this depression and loneliness. That’s when Dipal comes into his life and they get married. However Jatin has now changed and concentrates only on his work and starts to neglect his new wife Dipal. His friends see this and take this opportunity to woo her. The results are far from funny and atrocious.


The movie is directed by Partho Ghosh  and produced by Mahendra Dhariwal. The star cast includes Vikas Kalantri, Heena Tasleem, Shakti Kapoor, Rocky Sandhu, Jatin Garewal, Supriya Karnik, Upasna Singh and Monalisa.