Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player

Released On - 14 Oct 2016     1hr 52min

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Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player
Indian Film History



Sonia, played by Sanna Kapoor has her head in the clouds, shes always thinking of ways to get rich and achieve her goals. She can cross any limits to get what she wants. She uses her beauty and charm as a weapon to woo men and get her way.


One day, Sonia meets a wealthy businessman called Ashok, played by Shiv Kikod who has fallen for Sonia’s charms. Later she meets Vijay, played by Aarav Singh who also gets obsessed with her exquisite looks.


Meanwhile Ashok’s wife Shobha, played by Ankita Parmar is suspecting that her husband is up to something bad and is unhappy by his behavior. Sonia soon learns of Shoba’s distress and decides to introduce her to Vijay. Shoba get close and start having an affair.


Later Sonia meets Ashok’s advocate Sunil and falsely impresses him too with her charm. They befriend each other and get close. Meanwhile Ashok is murdered in mysterious circumstances. A police investigation is started where Sonia, Shobha, Vijay and Sunil are suspects.


Miss Khiladi-The Perfect Player is directed by Dheeraj Bharti and produced by Shree Sutram Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., B.R.Sharma Films Pvt. Ltd., and Festiva Enterprise.