Mumbai Godfather

Released On - 23 Sep 2005     1hr 55min

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Romeo, played by Vikram Singh is a fun loving guy but respects women. One a visit to a dance bar with his friends, he falls in love with Shalu, played by Rinku Ghosh, who is a bar dancer. Just then someone hands him a gun and runs off. Romeo is shocked and before he could react, the police raid the place and Romeo if arrested for possession of firearms. The man who gave him the gun is Manoj Masti, played by Manoj Joshi. In prison, Romeo is tortured and beaten. He swears revenge for his mistreatment.


On his release, Romeo takes the help of a notorious underworld don Vijay to help him in destroying Manoj Masti. Encounter specialist Anjali, played by Seema Biswas is now on the case to nap the culprits. Meanwhile Romeo is tightening his roots in the mafia and forms a gang with Vijay and Shalu. Things turn for the worse when a businessman named Naresh is killed by Romeo without consulting Vijay. They become arch rivals from there on. Vijay now decides to destroy Romeo and joins forces with Anjali. One by one all of Romeo’s henchmen are killed.


Having had enough of crime and gore, Romeo decides to reform himself and leave it all behind him and start a new life. However his dreams are short lived as he has an altercation with the law enforcement agencies and is shot 6 times. The movie is directed by Deepak Balraj Vij and produced bySeven Moutain Movies P Ltd. The music is composed by Shreerang Aras.