Released On - 01 Jan 1987     2hr 0min



Vijay and Ajay are close friends who are in desperate need of a job so they go to the city in search of a lucrative career. They both have huge responsibilities on their head. Vijay has to pay money to get his ancestral land back while Ajay wants to make money to get his sister married. Their inability to get a job leads them to become small time criminals. One day Ajay is caught stealing and beaten badly. Vijay then takes him to the hospital but lies to the doctor named Vidhya about their identity. The doctor and Vijay fall in love. Later one day when Vijay is hurt, Ajay takes him to the same hospital and tells the doctor of their true identity.


Meanwhile Vidhya has left for duty to a village that is terrorized by a crude man named Teja. Ajay and Vijay go to save her and learn that there is a Rs 1 Lakh reward for his capture. They nab him and get the prize but Teja escapes and kills Ajay’s sister. Now their main aim is revenge against Teja. The film is directed by Anoop Kumar and is produced by R S Dhaka. The music is composed by Surinder Kohli. The star cast includes Arun Govil, Shoma Anand, Sadhana Singh, Mazhar Khan and Sujit Kumar.