Naughty Boy

Released On - 31 Mar 2006     1hr 50min

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Naughty Boy
Indian Film History


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Gautam is a wealthy business man who is confident, outgoing and social. He is a self made man, and lives life on his own terms. His son Lucky, however, seems to be a disappointment to Gautam as he is very timid and lacks self-esteem. He is even embarrassed to take him out with his friends because of his shy nature and Lucky himself prefers not to go out and mingle around much. Gautam has had enough of Luck’s behavior and thus decides to hire someone who will groom him to be a confident man.


Gautam thus hires the very attractive teacher Sonia to teach Lucky basic etiquettes to be around people, especially women. Sonia and Lucky warm up to each other and become very good friends. Meanwhile Gautam also starts to get attracted to Sonia. Things become very chaotic when Lucky and Gautam both fall in love with Sonia.


The movie is directed by T.L.V Prasad and produced by Evershine Films P Ltd. The music is composed by Arun Daga. The star cast includes Rahul Roy, Sherlyn Chopra, Rocky Sandhu, Hitesh Kripalani and Mona Chopra.