NH8 Road To Nidhivan

Released On - 17 Apr 2015     2hr 0min

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NH8 Road To Nidhivan
Indian Film History



Nidhivan, in Vrindavan India is known for its mysterious enigma. There have been rumors that after the 7 p.m aarti, everyone stays indoors with their doors and windows tightly shut as Krishna and Radha does the raas-leela dance and the surrounding trees that look very strange with entangled branches and trunks, turn into gopis. 

No one has ever dared to step into the Nidhivan premises at night. Anyone who has dared however is known to have lost their eye sight or mental sanity. The devotees or Krishna, as well as the priests at the vicinity, close their houses and windows and don’t dare peek outside. 

A group of four friends on the pretext of making some extra cash, take up a very chilling challenge. They are asked to live inside the mysterious Nidhivan and shoot a documentary at night. The friends drive down from Mumbai to Nidhivan and start experiencing strange things on the way. This film has captured the teams actual stay in the place. 

NH-8 - Road To Nidhivan is directed by Munindra Gupta and produced by Sunil Goel and Niharika Jha. The music is composed by Debprito Saha.