Pairon Talle

Released On - 05 Oct 2012     2hr 0min


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On the outskirts of Delhi, a lower caste man Bhanu, works as a watchman for Lakmichand’s Silica Mine. He is insulted and humiliated by him and now to cover up his shame he is watching over the property even though it is deserted and empty. He stands guard to it like a statue not letting anyone distract him even with small talk or sort of conversation. Bhanu’s wife is frustrated over her husband’s madness of looking after an empty property, which she knows also is connected to her.


One day their world is tuned upside down when a businessman named Dharambir Dahiya comes to the mine property. He is the soon-to-be son-in-law of Lakhmichand. His daughter however, has dared to fall in love with a socially lower boy, which is now known to many. In return for keeping his reputation and name intact by marrying his daughter, Lakhmichand has promised Dharambir the Silica mine in return. Next night his daughter hatches a plan to elope with her lover but some goons have been sent after them to finish them off for an honor killing.


The couple come to the mine’s empty premises and beg Bhanu to give them shelter as the henchmen will murder them. Bhanu has no idea what is going on but somewhere the humanity inside him is shaken hearing their cry for help and he opens the gates for the first time to let them in. There on begins an ugly war of revenge, crime and emotions that will shake the story to its core. The movie is directed and produced by Sidharth Srinivasan and Divya Bhardwaj. The music is composed by Joana Stella Kompa.