Papi Sansaar

Released On - 01 Jan 1985    



Padmini is brought up in a pampered and loved environment by her parents. Unfortunately her dad suddenly passes away leaving her widowed mother to fend for herself. She takes Padmini and her brother Prakash to Mumbai and they try to find a suitable employment when a friend of her mother Shobha eyes the beauty of Padmini. She sells her to a womanizing man named Lucky Ram. Padmini is devastated and escapes. She reaches an Ashram, where a kind man named Ramesh falls in love with her. Meanwhile Lucky Ram finds her whereabouts and harasses her to return.

In a fit of desperation and rage, Padmini kills Lucky Ram. Ramesh is a public prosecutor and tries his best to save her. Soon Padmini is acquitted of the crime and marries Ramesh. The film is directed by Pravin Kumar and produced by Pravin Sarkar. The music is composed by Madan Chander. The star cast includes Sushant Ray, Surender Pal, Sadhana Singh, Sanjay, C S Dubey and Nandita Thakur.