Released On - 07 Nov 2003     2hr 5min

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Avi lives with his mother and younger sister Nandini. They are happy even though they live a very poor and desolate life. They somehow manage to make ends meet. Soon Avi finds out that Nandini has become close to a gangster named Bhullar, and is spending a lot of time with him. He quietly resents this but keeps an eye on her. One day unfortunately their world comes crashing down when Nandini is killed. Avi swears revenge and takes help from his two close friends Hari and Golu. They manage to kill Bhullar and avenge Nandini’s death.


Soon Bhullar’s mafia boss Vaman Rao, comes looking for Avi, Golu and Hari. Without a second thought or any fear they turn themselves in and challenge Rao. This impresses him and he proposes that the three join his gang. Soon the three men are part of Vaman Rao’s gang and become his most trusted henchmen. Corrupt inspector Rokde finds out that Golu is having an affair with his wife and with Rao’s help kills him. When Avi and Hari find out, they are furious and go against Vaman. They are now chased by his men as well as the cops.


The movie is directed by Shivram Yadav and produced by Hyder Kazmi. The music is composed by Nikhil Vinay. The star cast includes Sharad Kapoor, Hyder Kazmee, Bobby Khan, Sadhu Meher, Govind Namdev, Abhay Bhargav, Nirmal Pandey, Mukesh Tiwari, Milind Gunaji, Payal Rohatgi, Shama Sikander, Raakhi Sawant, Maaina and Usha Nadkarni.