Patthar Aur Payal

Released On - 01 Jan 2000     2hr 5min

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The story of the movie revolves around a kind hearted dacoit who saves the villagers from the clutches of a vicious Thakur and his equally conniving sons. The dacoit one day rescues a girl abducted by one of Thakur’s sons and cares for her like his own daughter. The girl in return begins to protect other women from wrong done to them. She one day kills a man trying to rape a girl. Her sister who is a police officer is told about this. The girl is about to tell her officer sister about the Thakur and his sons but unfortunately she gets killed and the blame is all put on the officer, who now has turned into a dacoit herself for revenge.


The movie is directed by K B Tilak and produced by K P Singh and N P Singh, under the production banner of N D R Prod. The music is composed by Nishu Jayant. The star cast includes Durgesh Nandini, Dharamendra, Hemant Birje, Yamini, Raza Murad, Anil Nagrath, Birbal, Mahesh Raj, Vinod Tripathi, Johnny Lever, Solanki and Sathi Nahta.