Released On - 07 Jun 2024     2hr 10min

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Avinash Dhyani is the director and writer of the musical drama film Phooli, which is produced by Manish Kumar, Avinash Dhyani, Lalit Jindal, Rajeev Sharma, and Capt. Manoj Kumar Singh.

The story of Phooli tells the story of a young girl who wants to study and follow her dreams. It shows her struggles and her eagerness to learn, but her circumstances prevent her from continuing her education. Eventually, a "Jaadugar" (Magician) enters her life, helps her overcome her obstacles, and inspires her to excel in her studies. Under Jaadugar's guidance, she studies and changes the way she handles situations, eventually passing her exams and going on to become an IPS officer. She quotes Jaadugar as saying, "You are the ultimate magician of your life" and "Your hard work and perseverance is the main key to any success you want to achieve." The movie promotes the idea that your method is the magic that can make things change. June 7, 2024 is when Phooli is scheduled to be released.