Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge

Released On - 04 Jul 1986     2hr 13min

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Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge
Indian Film History
Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge
Indian Film History
Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Pyar Kiya Hai Pyar Karenge Kavita Krishnamurthy, Shabbir Kumar 3 Lyrics 6 : 20
2 Mithi Mithi Sardi Hai Bhigi Bhigi Rate Hai Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Aziz 3 Lyrics 7 : 31
3 Sau Saal Tak Rahe Ye Zamana Shabbir Kumar 5 Lyrics 5 : 25
4 Tujhko Mai Aye Dile Barbad Shabbir Kumar 3 Lyrics 3 : 3
5 Meri Chhoti Si Bagiya Ki Nanhi Kali Mohammed Aziz 4 Lyrics 5 : 17
6 Tujhko Mai Ye Dile Barbad (Version 2) Shabbir Kumar 5 Lyrics 3 : 5

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Anand is an orphan brought up by a Muslim man named Abdul
Rehman. He learns to ski and is an expert at it. One day a girl
named Usha sees him ski and is fascinated by him. She soon
falls in love with him and he too falls for her. Usha’s mother
however is strongly against the marriage knowing of Anand’s
background and warns her daughter never to see him again
but the young lovers oppose. She then tricks them that she will
arrange their marriage but instead gets Usha married to her
friend’s son. The lovers are devastated and accept their reality
and move on. Anand marries his boss’s daughter Shobha.

Years later Anand and Usha run into each other and are
surprised. They tell each other that they are happily married
and have kids. However the truth is far from what is said. The
film is directed by Vijay Reddy Kapoor and produced by Suresh
Bokadia. The music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The
star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Padmini
Kolhapure, Anita Raj, Satyen Kappu, Ramesh deo, Guddu,
Deepak Parashar, Seema Deo and Sushma Seth.