Pyara Tarana

Released On - 26 Mar 1982    

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Chandru is a talented pop singer. One day after his performance, he meets the beautiful Sona and both fall in love. They meet again at Singapore airport and she promises him that they will soon be together. She gives him her address, but it turns out that it is a false address and she wanted to distract him. Chandru goes looking for her but is unable to and gets upset. Later she meets him and tells him that she has blood cancer and will not live very long. Chandru is heartbroken but decides to marry her anyway. Soon he runs into Sona’s father who tells Chandru that she does not have blood cancer and she will soon marry a man named Vinod. Chandru now wants to find out the truth. The film is directed by K Balachader and produced by V Manohar Reddy. The music is composed by M S Vishwanathan. The star cast includes Kamal Hasan, Jayaprada, Shakti Kapoor and Kamal Hassan.