Reshma Aur Sultan

Released On - 15 Nov 2002     2hr 5min



Three criminals Kali, Arjun and Shyam Singh are notorious for their illegal activities and crimes. One day they commit a crime and get arrested. Unfortunately Karan Singh has witnessed them committing the crime. When the cops come to Karan for help he agrees to testify against Kali, Arjun and Shyam. Thus during their trial, Karan gives his statement and this infuriates the three goons. They escape prison cleverly one night and go to Karan’s house and kill him and his daughter. Then they kill the judge who gave the verdict along with his son and also the police inspector who arrested them. Karan’s daughter Reshma was watching all this and swears to take revenge from the culprits at any cost.


The movie is directed by Sabir Shaikh and produced by Sai Nikhil Movies. The star cast includes Dharamendra, Hemant Birje, Satnam Kaur, Sapna, Shakti Kapoor, Ankush Mohit,Vinod Tripathi and Jay Kalgutkar.