Released On - 31 Aug 1988     3hr 2min

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In a remote village in Gujarat, most of the men have gone to the cities to earn a decent livelihood, while the women stay back taking care of the house and the family. A man called Mansukh who had been working in Dubai for many years finally decides to visit the village. He is astonished to know that there are hardly any men left in the village and there is maximum number of women. All the women get excited seeing a young and handsome male like Mansukh and try to woo him. Among them is Sukhi and her friend. Meanwhile a woman named Taku who is married to Amarji is different from the rest of the women folk. She holds her own ground and has a confident demeanor and not easily pleased attitude. This attracts Mansukh and he tries to woo Taku, but she ignores him.


With his constant persistence, Taku finally gives in to Mansukh’s advances and they both start a relationship. Soon it is time for Mansukh to leave and to Sukhi and Taku’s horror, they find that both the women are pregnant. The women are now in a dilemma over how to deal with the pregnancy. The film is directed and produced by Aruna Raje. The music is composed by Sharang Dev. The story and screenplay is written by Aruna Vikas. The star cast includes Vinod Khanna, Hema Malini,Neena Gupta, Mohan Agashe,Harish Patel, Ila Arun and Reema Lagu.