Sau Jhooth Ek Sach

Released On - 16 Sep 2005     2hr 5min

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Vikrant Pradhan, played by Vikram Gokhale, a leading industrialist, and his family is in a celebratory mode. They have two reasons to celebrate; one that their company is launching a brand new dry gin and the other is that their daughter will soon be married into the influential Khanna household. The guests come in large numbers, enjoy themselves and leave. After all the guests have left, there is one last visitor, which surprises everyone in the house. It is a police officer who introduces himself as inspector Vivek.


Vikrant isn’t able to fathom why would a police officer come to their house at such unearthly hours. He states the reason as a pregnant girl has committed suicide in a nearby chawl, by hanging herself on a ceiling fan. This shocks everyone, as to why should they be told about it in person. Turns out everyone in that household has a dark secret they are hiding. Later it is revealed that no such incident ever took place nor is there a inspector named as Vivek in their area.


The movie is directed and produced by Vinod Pande. The music is composed by Faizal Qureshi and the story is written by Pankaj Kapoor. The cinematography is by Amitabha Singh.