Released On - 28 Apr 2008     2hr 15min

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Mumbai is the concrete jungle that never sleeps and is always high on energy. The city is hustling and bustling with activity till the wee hours of morning with a spirit that can be infectious to anyone who comes here. The lives of the people living here are also naturally quick paced and everything is instant, thus relationships are fragile and tolerance level can sometimes run low. The story of the this movie revolves arounf four couples and their struggles with their everyday lives.


Each couple in the movie looks at the other three and hope that they had what the others have and vice versa. They think the grass is greener on the other side but fail to see that each one also has their own share of problems. One couple’s problem is not such a big deal to the other and that’s where the root cause of the hurdle lies. They all think that being in the other person’s position will make them happy but they are sadly mistaken.


The movie is directed by Rajaatesh Nayar and produced by Sanjay Kotadia and Kanu Patel. The music is composed by Sohail Sen and Shibani Kashyap.