Som Mangal Shani

Released On - 01 Jan 1988     2hr 20min

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Somnath, Mangal Khan and Sunny DCosta are three close friends who go through the happy times and struggles in life together. They are inseparable and are collectively called Som Mangal Shani. Som and Mangal’s parents live in the village while Shani/Sunny’s parents live in the city. The three friends then enter a reputed college to complete their higher studies together. The film is directed by S R Pratap and is produced by Shamshad Rizvi. The music is composed by Anu Malik. The star cast inludes Vijayeta Pandit, Hemant Birje, Shehzad Khan, Upendra Sood, Kader Khan, Amrit Pal, Goga Kapoor, Shobha Tripathi and Sharmila Medhekar.