Sulemani Keeda

Released On - 05 Dec 2014     1hr 30min

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Sulemani Keeda
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Dur Kyu Ye Manu Jana Hai Tumko Siddharth Basrur 3 Lyrics 1 : 26
2 The Colaaba Song Namit Das 5 Lyrics 2 : 55


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Dulal, played by Naveen Kasturia and Mainak, played by Mayank Tiwari are two close friends sharing an apartment in Mumbai and working as scriptwriters. They both are looking a good break in Bollywood that will finally make them a household name and bring them lots of money. They struggle with getting good work and especially selling their script of Sulemani Keeda that is their dream but to no avail.


They eventually meet Gonzo Kapoor who is the drug-addled son of a yesteryear star. He gives them a golden opportunity of working on a script that’s without much story but full of explicit scenes and art. While working on their prized script, Dulal happens to meet a lawyer called Ruma, played by Aditi Vasudev. He falls in love with her.

The duo go to Gonzo’s farmhouse to discuss their project but end up having a fight and part ways. A year later Mainak is to write for a 100 Crore movie which stars Gonzo in the lead whereas Dulal is about to leave for the US for publishing his first book. The friends finally reunite. The movie is directed by Amit Masurkar and produced by Datta Dave, Chaitanya Hegde

Deepa Tracy, Sailesh Dave and Suresh Mhatre.