Released On - 12 Dec 1986     2hr 5min

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Title Singer Rating
1 Nazro Se Aaj Nazre Aur Dil Se Dil Milaye Poornima, Anuradha Paudwal 3 Lyrics 4 : 53
2 Khuli Sadak Par Pyar Karenge Dilraj Kaur, Amit Kumar 3 Lyrics 4 : 33

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Thakur Surjeet Singh has a huge estate and is a wealthy man.
He falls ill and is on his death bed. Before dying however he
entrusts his entire estate to his elder son Raghuvir but leaves
nothing for the younger son Dhurjan. Dhurjan has been the
outlaw of the family and worships evil, which had always upset
Surjeet. Dhurjan cannot contain his anger when he hears that
the entire property is given to his elder brother. He thus plans
a revenge and kidnaps Rahuvir’s daughters Aarti and Sapna.
Mangal, who is a trusted man of Raghuvir rescue Aarti but
Sapna is nowhere in sight. Before dying he tells Mangal that
both his daughters have a piece of locket around their neck,
which when put together will reveal a map to a treasure.
The film is directed by Tulsi,Shyam and produced by Gangu
Ramsay. The music is composed by Ajit Singh and the story is
written by J K Ahuja. The cinematography is by Gangu Ramsay.
The star cast includes Hemant Birje, Imtiaz Khan, Aarti Gupta,
Kamran Rizvi, Puneet Issar, Rajendranath, Narendranath,
Huma Khan, Preeti Sapru and Sheetal.