The Waiting Room

Released On - 15 Jan 2010     2hr 0min


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The psychological thriller film titled The Waiting Room which narrated the story of a group of strangers spending their time together in a desolated railway waiting room on a fierce rainy day only to be left behind to face the most dreaded nights of their life with a possible serial killer on the brawl amongst them.

The story beings with a group of people waiting for a eleven hour late running train in the South Indian town Thenmalai on a  rainy night on an isolated and water drenched Railway waiting room , and the group consists of a Young girl played by Radhika Apte travelling to Pune who comes across shocking reports on the newspapers on a psychopath serial killer on the loose in the area nearby the railway station who is reportedly accused of raping and killing women in the area .

A mysterious and doubtful youngster played by Raja Choudari seems to be a perfect match to the descriptions of the local daily on the serial killer much to the dread of the fellow passengers with his highly awkward behaviour sending down fear among others and the other occupants of the waiting room.

The Waiting Room comprising  of a bickering couple played by on odd against the possession of their stuff and a nosy cop  who is all over the pace with his spontaneous investigations only to only make things worse for others and a handful of animated characters played by actors  going bizarre over the running time of approximately ninety minutes unravelling the mystery behind the events. The supporting actors incuded SandeepKulkarni, PrateekshaLonkar ,IndrajithSukumaran and others.

The whodunit nature of the movie received highly positive response and the movie was successful in sending down chills across the viewer’s mind with a limited cast in a single location. The movie was partially successful in maintaining the mood of a gritty thriller right up to the end and the performances of the lead actors were well received.