Released On - 30 Oct 2015     2hr 7min
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The title role of Titli is played by Shashak Arora who is a laid back and fun loving boy. He wants to spend his time doing things what most boys of his age do. But, he is born in a family that has already sealed his fate. He is now the youngest member in the vicious gang that is involved in car jacking along with his family. He, however, wants to break free from it and escape. His brother ruins his plans but Titli is persistent.


One fine day when he has planned his final escape, he crashes a stolen car near the police checkpost, resulting in an arrest and subsequent uproar amongst his family members who decide to get him married off. They eventually get him married to a girl called Neelu. Neelu meanwhile has her own dreams and aspirations of being married off to a wealthier man and living a comfortable life. She actually has someone in mind and tells Titli about it. He agrees with her and lets her go but fate had other plans for them and they get reunited again.


Titli is directed by Kanu Behl and produced by Aditya Chopra and Dibakar Banerjee. The music is composed by Karan Gour.