Train To Pakistan

Released On - 06 Nov 1998     1hr 48min

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In the village of Mano Majra, a village near the border of India and Pakistan, Sikhs and Muslims live in harmony. While the Sikhs there own most of the land, the Muslims work for them as laborers. In 1947 however, during the Indian partition and number of Muslims fled to Pakistan, while the Hindus and Sikhs left Pakistan to migrate to India. They lived in refugee camps in India. One day a train from Pakistan arrives in India and shocks everyone. The train contains the bodies of those people who were trying to leave Pakistan to live in India. The village of Mano Majra will never be the same again after that day. The film also depicts the fragile love story of a dacoit named Juggut who falls in love with a Muslim girl named Nooran.


The film is directed by Pamela Rooks and produced by Ravi Gupta, R V Pandit and Pamela Rooks. The music is composed by Kuldip Singh and Taufiq Qureshi. The star cast includes Nirmal Pandey, Mohan Agashe, Smriti Mishra, Divya and Mangal Dhillon. The story and the screenplay of the movie is written by Pamela Rooks. The cinematography is by Sunny Joseph.