Released On - 18 Jan 2008     2hr 5min


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Tulsi, played by Manisha Koirala is a dedicated wife to his husband Suraj, played by Irrfan Khan. Suraj however, has a bad habit of getting drunk and coming home. Despite all the troubles the couple are blessed with four beautiful children and they consider themselves fortunate. On one fateful day Suraj’s friend , played by Yashpal Sharma comes to visit Suraj and since he’s away he tries to take advantage of the situation and attempts to molest Tulsi. A shaken Tulsi manages to escape but when Suraj finds out he is furious and swears revenge.


He goes after Yashpal and beats him black and blue in full rage. Yashpal doesn’t take this lying down and swears to take revenge on him for the beatings. Meanwhile Tulsi is diagnosed with blood cancer and is devastated. The family is crushed to know that she has very little time left. To make matters worse, one day when Suraj is unaware Yashpal attacks and kills him. Tulsi’s world is turned upside down and she now finds foster parents to adopt her four children.


The movie is written and directed by K. Ajay Kumar and produced by Padmavati C. H. The music is composed by Nikhil-Vinay.