U Bomsi N Me

Released On - 21 Oct 2005     2hr 52min


Title Singer Rating
1 Kaha Ho Tum Mujhe Bataao Neeraj Shridhar 4 Lyrics 3 : 40
2 Yeh Zindagi Hain Vasundhara Das 3 Lyrics 5 : 3

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The film revolves around three married couples who are struggling with their married lives. The first couple is Raghavan aka Raga and Raji. Raga is a awkward fellow who just wants to slouch in front of the TV all day watching cricket and drinking beer to his hearts content. Raji on the other hand cant stand cricket, she is obsessed with keeping things clean and neat and is a successful lecturer at a college.


The second couple is Bomsi and Shenaaz. Bomsi is a typical Parsi guy but an avid smoker. He dreams of becoming wealthy and buying a huge mansion in a Parsi colony. His wife Shenaaz works for a fashion magazine and desperately wants a child, but the couple hasn’t any luck in conceiving for years.  


The third couple is Sam Mac Patel and Monica. Sam is half Gujarati and half Punjabi, working as a radio jockey but aspires to be successful writer some day. Monica is an air hostess who works odd hours and thus they both hardly meet. This has caused a huge rift in their relationship and both end up suspecting the other of an affair.


The movie is directed by Jairaj Padmanabhan and produced by Bobby Bahal. The cinematography is by Hari Nair. The star cast includes Gautam Rode, Sonal Sehgal, Vivek Madan, Kranti Redcar, Bobby Bahal and Vidya Malvade.