Udhar Ki Zindagi

Released On - 04 Nov 1994     2hr 39min

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Sitaram is a strict disciplinarian. He lives with his wife and son Vasudev. He arranges his son’s marriage to a girl of his choice. However when he comes to know that he is already in love with a girl named Suman and wants to marry her he opposes and refuses to let him go ahead. However Vasudev marries her and brings Suman home. Everyone is elated but Sitaram who makes it clear that they are not welcome. He then leaves the house and re-locates to the US. After many years, Sitaram gets a letter from his son that he is coming back to India to visit him.

Sitaram is happy and awaits his arrival with his family. However things get complicated when only his granddaughter Sita. She says they are busy and couldn’t come but offers him a gift sent by her dad. Sitaram refuses to accept it. Things will never be the same when Sitaram realizes the real reason behind his son’s absence.


The movie is directed by K.V Raju and produced by S S Mishra and Rajesh Mishra. The music is composed by Anand Milind and the lyrics are written by Sameer. The cinematography is by S Naidu. The star cast includes Jeetendra, Rohit Bhatia, Moushumi Chatterjee, Kajol, Tinnu Anand, Shiva,Raghuveer Yadav, Naveen Nischol, Mehmood, Annu Dhawan, Bindu, Sujata Mehta and Priyanka.