With Luv…Tumhara

Released On - 01 Dec 2006     2hr 0min

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Anuradha, played by Preeti Jhangiani is in love with Akshay, played by Nakul Vaid, who is an army officer. The two lovebirds are dreaming of a future together and plan to get married soon. However unexpectedly Akshay gets called on duty during an emergency that’s cropped up. With a heavy heart, Anuradha bids farewell to Akshay, who promises to be with her soon. But things get from bad to worst when there is no news of Akshay and no word from him in days. She is now worried about him and fears the worst.


Just when Anuradha was looking for a ray of hope in her life, her dreams are shattered and broken. Akshay’s friend Rahul, played by Parvin Dabas, comes to Anuradha’s house with the terrible news of Akshay’s death. Anuradha is devastated and Rahul comforts her. They both confide in each other about the memories of Akshay. Soon they become very close friends. They start falling in love but Anuradha is afraid to let go of Akshay’s memory and feels like she is betraying him. Rahul decides to go away from her life but just then Anuradha stops him and professes her love too.


The movie is directed by Kamal D Nathani and produced by Rakesh Bhhatia. The music is composed by Sudip Banerji.