Yehi Hai Zindagi

Released On - 07 Jan 2005     2hr 32min


Title Singer Rating
1 Kaise Samjhaau Sadhana Sargam 3 Lyrics 4 : 35
2 Rutu Nakshatra Ke Gahane Dhup Chaav Ko Vo Pahane Alka Yagnik 4 Lyrics 5 : 10
3 Pairo Ko Pankh Laga Ke Kavita Krishnamurthy 4 Lyrics 2 : 45
4 Titliya Titliya Bhairavi Kumble 4 Lyrics 3 : 46
5 Zindagi Yahi Hai Zindagi Abhijeet 4 Lyrics 1 : 28

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Vasundhara, played by Gracy Singh is a classical dancer who is patriotic and loves her country. She loves her country so much that she has mostly refused to even perform her dance in another country. However, fate has other plans for her when a dreaded don, Pintya, played by Mukesh Tiwari wants Vasundhara to perform in Singapore. When he summons another goon named Vijay to ask her to perform, they come to know that she has already left for Mauritius.


A couple of murders take place in Mumbai and Vijay is blamed for them, but he however plans to care for the two children left behind by one of the victims. Vasundhara meanwhile gives a brilliant performance at Mauritius and is appreciated by all. A wealthy business tycoon later sees her performance and falls in love with her. He proposes marriage to her, which she accepts after some though.


The movie is directed by Ajay Phansekar and produced by Gopal Kondawar and Manoj Kholatkar. The music is composed by Arvind Haldipur.