The 9th #BNHAF Awards and Festival was a gala edition held at IMS University Courses Campus, Ghaziabad. The event saw the pre-launch of Talent Ka Maha Utsav, a talent show startup that showcases any talent-form from the age of 6 years onwards. Gelling well with the pre-launch of Talent Ka Maha Utsav talent show were two films in particular made under Prof. Vittorio Caratozzolo and the students of "Giacomo Bresadola 1st Grade Secondary School" based in Trento, Italy. Awards were given to children that supported cinema for cause in India – Aanya, Kiaan, Suhani, Devanshi, Gunjan and Mehak. 

9th edition also saw the unveiling of the book-cover of Amit R Agarwal’s second book, ‘The Making of Virgin.. Mira’, published by Red Grab Books founded by Venus Kesari and Parag Agarwal. Amit R Agarwal’s first book, CineMaa which was turned into a book from his blog-cum-e-book with a readership of one-million+ readers is also available on The official selection of the 8th Edition was screened again at the 9th edition of #BNHAF Awards and Festival organized in association with the IMS University Courses Campus, Ghaziabad, powered by Gem Mines, Rekha Vohraa foundation, The Pinewood, Nainital, news portal

#BNHAF in each of its editions fuses value-added masterclass that impacts career growth and society. The topic for this edition was Writing: Impacting Career and Society.  Shweta Sharma, gold-medalist para-athlete at IWAS World Games 2022 was the chief guest. She said she knows the power of writing, as she wrote affirmations that she will succeed in life and win gold-medal for her motherland, India. She did it! This is what writing does for one’s career. Dr. Arun Kumar, Director, IMSUCC said that writing and reading is very important as it helps a person evolve and achieve career goals.  

Amit Gupta, director, Gem Mines said that he feels constructive writing helps society to shape better. Rekha Vohra, from Gem Mines and Rekha Vohraa Foundation said that writing is a very powerful tool as it helps synthesize our thoughts better. Amit R Agarwal said the importance of writing is the fact that it helps deal with stress issues; helps a person to be more productive. He also read out an excerpt from the Epilogue of the book that will be launched on 23rd Feb 23 in New York. Other than the films, the awardees were: Best Faculty to Prof. Pawan Kumar, Best Student to Anurag Lala, Best Photo Journalist to Umesh Kumar, Best Hospitality to Amit Singh Rawat, Best Content Writer to Ayushi Tyagi, Best Theatre Artiste to Ankeeta Singh, Best Model to support Social-Cause to Anamika Singh. #BNHAF special awardees were P. Sharma, Prabhat Sanotra and actress and model, Arshi Agarwal. The 10th Edition scheduled from March 16 to March 21 will be a multi-country affair taking place in New York, Warsaw and Goa.