The Bhidu of Bollywood Jackie Shroff has always made a memorable appearance at every public gathering. His unique approach and personality are something people love most about him. As much as people love him many misuse his slang and personality for their own benefit. Now Jackie Shroff has taken action against the unlicensed use of his name and personality. The actor has approached the Delhi High Court to take action against the issue.

Jackie Shroff Files Lawsuit Over Misuse of His Personality, Objects to Memes and AI Manipulation:

On Tuesday, Jackie Shroff took legal action against the unauthorized use of his name, photographs, voice, and the iconic and famous term Bhidu. The actor filed a suit before the Delhi High Court regarding the issue. According to Live and Law plea by Jackie Shroff will be presented before the court on Wednesday.

Jackie Shroff Secures Trademark Rights for Marathi Term 'Bhidu' Amid Legal Battle:

According to reports Jackie Shroff has objected to the misuse of his personality entities for the sale of ringtones, wallpapers, and merchandise. The actor also pointed out the 'insulting' memes, GIFs and the use of artificial intelligence in his filed suit. He also filed a trademark right on the Marathi word bhidu which he often uses.

Actor Jackie Shroff Prohibits Misleading Use of His Persona in Product Promotion:

The legal suit filed by Jackie Shroff mentioned the use of his personality to promote or recommend any product/service is not allowed as it leads to misleading consumers.

On the work front, Jackie Shroff will be seen in the upcoming spy thriller directed by Shravan Tiwari Two Zero One Four. The movie also features  Akshay Oberoi. The actor will also be part of Varun Dhawan's next action thriller Baby John.