Marathi film Kaaal has been creating a buzz ever since it was first announced. The film is being hailed by the paranormal society with its dynamic cinematography and breathtaking special effects. The sound effects create the perfect horror ambience that will run chills down your spine. The film is even being compared to the Hollywood film ‘The Blair Witch Project’, and has an international appeal. The film will thus be soon released in at least 100 cinema halls across 30 cities in Russia.


Kaaal’s trailer has already been the talk of town since a while. The film is directed by D Sandeep and produced by Pravin Kharat and Anuj Adwani. The film stars Satish Gejage, Sanket Vishwasrao, Shreyas Behere, Rajkumar Jarange, Vaibhavi Chavan and Gayatri Chighlikar in crucial roles.