Vijay Kadam

Profession: Actor , Dialogue, Guest Appearance, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Actor
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  • Also Know as :- Vijay Kadam
  • Profession:- Actor , Dialogue, Guest Appearance, Screenplay, Story Writer, Supporting Actor
  • Gender :- male
  • Active Years:- Till Today

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A veteran Indian actor in the Marathi film industry, Vijay Kadam was immensely popular during the 1980s and the early 90s. Known for his versatile acting abilities, he has portrayed comedic roles with as much panache and fluency as he has done serious roles. Having started his career playing mostly small and supporting roles initially, over the years he has played some meaty roles. Some of his most popular film credits include Aanandi Aanand (1987), Tere Mere Sapne (1996), Dekhni Bayko Namyachi (2001), Revati (2005), Topi Ghala Re (2010), Bluffmaster (2012), Bhet Tuji Maji (2013) and Monkey Baat (2018), 

Apart from Marathi films, Vijay Kadam has also acted in several Marathi TV series' and theatre industry. He has starred in several plays like Tur Tur, Pappa Sanga Kunache, Vichha Majhi Puri Kara and Sahi De Sahi.

# Released Date Type Credited As Movie
1 06 Jan 2023 Film ScreenplayDialogue Surya
2 11 Nov 2022 Film Supporting Actor Varhadi Vajantri
3 22 Nov 2019 Film Actor Family 420
4 14 Dec 2018 Film Supporting Actor Mauli
5 21 Sep 2018 Film Supporting Actor Jhangadgutta
6 24 Aug 2018 Film Supporting Actor Truckbhar Swapna
7 18 May 2018 Film Supporting Actor Monkey Baat
8 23 Feb 2018 Film Supporting Actor Atrocity
9 15 Dec 2017 Film Supporting Actor Chalu Dya Tumcha
10 24 Feb 2017 Film Supporting Actor Shyamchi Shala