Movies From Bollywood That Teach Us Life Lessons

Movies From Bollywood That Teach Us Life Lessons

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Bollywood movies sometimes don’t make sense and the story line may not be good but at the end of the day when we talk about these movies, they teach us valuable life lessons. Some of the things we are already aware of but it makes you realise things and understand or value it even more. Let’s adapt from the few movies to begin with and the first ones that came to our mind……

Baghban -  The script was very good and a common story among families. Teaches us family values and never to take your parents for granted. If you have a family, you are blessed.

English Vinglish – A great script. Most importantly never look down upon your family member for her or his weakness. Be kind and empathetic.

ZindagiNa Milegi Dobara -  A fun filled film and did extremely well in Box office, taught us that we only have to change our perspective in life, as there is always something at the end of the long road or something better for us all out there.

The Lunchbox – A tale of a two people, a simple story, yet it conveys to you to understand this complicated life a little better.

DangalBreaking the taboo of Indian women participating in sports in a male dominated country and also the right focus and determination is the key to success.

Dear Zindagi - Your happiness in in your hands and its nobody’s business but yours!

3 Idiots - You cannot hide a gem for a long time. It'll come out as bright as ever, one day. Also your true passion conquers all

LakshyaNever give up-perseverance is the key. All of us are capable enough to change our world

Taare Zameen Par
Accept your child with all his or her flaws. Do not compare and ridicule as the child is battling his own battle trying to face its own challenges.   Be patient and be the support he needs at every step especially in the formative years.  You can make it or break it.

Your parents old age is a second childhood never fail them and while you build your life they need theirs as well. 

Ru Ba Ru - Never stop living your present worrying about your past or chasing your future. Live your life for today and make it the best.


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