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Indian Film History
Indian Film History
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Haanikaarak Bapu Sartaz Khan Barna 4 Lyrics 5 : 10
2 Dangal Title Daler Mehndi 5 Lyrics 5 : 8
3 Dhaakad Raftaar 4 Lyrics 2 : 29
4 Gilehriyaan Jonita Gandhi 4 Lyrics 3 : 14
5 Naina Arijit Singh 4 Lyrics 2 : 34
6 Idiot Banna Jyoti Nooran, Sultana Nooran 4 Lyrics 2 : 12
7 Aamir Khan Aamir Khan 5 Lyrics 3 : 44


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Forced to give up his passion of Indian wrestling, to work in a government office, Mahavir Singh Phogat, played by Aamir Khan passes his days hoping he will have a son who will full fill his dreams of wining a gold medal internationally for his country. His wife however, played by Sakshi Tanwar gives birth to 4 daughters. Disappointed, Mahavir goes into a deep sadness.


Once his two older daughters Geeta and Babita, grow up however, Mahavir decides he will train his daughters for wrestling. He wakes his teenage daughters early morning every day for a run around the village and makes them physically fit. He even changes their diet to gain weight and cuts their hair short, in spite of their refusals to avoid any distraction in their training.


His oldest daughter Geeta is sent to the National Sports Academy in Patiala. The coach there teaches her different techniques than what her father Mahavir did so she gets a bit confused at first. As time passes by Geeta gets more confident and independent and begins defying all Mahavir’s techniques. He gets upset but after loosing international matches one after another Geeta realizes her mistake and apologizes to her father.


There on he trains and mentors her until she finally wins the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Madhura Shinde

Madhura Shinde


Nice Movie