26th July At Barista

Released On - 14 Mar 2008     1hr 25min

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The story of 26th July At Barista is a story of human triumph against nature’s wrap of terror on Earth. The of 26th July started normally as any other day, but as the day progressed, the climate started getting gloomy and a torrent of rain lashed across Mumbai city, bringing it to a standstill. By evening the city seemed to have lost all hope of the rain stopping and life coming back to normal. The humanity of people that day came alive and they started reaching out to random strangers on the road.


While a couple who take shelter at the local Barista coffee shop, also decide to help and council scared and tragic hit people to calm down and fight the natural calamity with grit and courage. This is a story of human emotions and desperation all coming together to bring a positive outlook at life.


The movie is written and directed by Mohan Sharma and produced by Roshani Khan. The music is composed by Sandarsh and the cinematography is by Carlton D'Mello. The star cast includes Simran Vaid, Ashish Duggal, Rita Joshi, Anil Mahtrey, Sumeet Chawla, Sameep Kang, Raju Kher, Shashi Sharma, Sumeet Malhan, Ramesh Suneja, Shailesh Mehta, Seema Pandey, Amita Nangia, Monisha, Himani Chawla and Rohini Hattangadi.