Aaj Ka Dada

Released On - 01 Jan 1985     2hr 20min


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Suraj is a tough and intolerant man. He cannot bare to see the poor and underprivileged being exploited. Thus he looses his temper when he sees injustice anywhere. His father is all for non-voilence and peace, and thus sends him off to the city to get a better life. There Suraj meets the vivacious Veena, the daughter of a wealthy man. Veena’s father however wants her married to his business partner’s son Vishnu. However Suraj one day accidentally kills him and is sentenced to death. The only man who can save Suraj is Dhanraj who is the eye witness and knows exactly what transpired on that fateful day. He however makes a deal with Veena that he will save Suraj, but she has to marry Dhanraj in return. Helpless, Veena agrees and Suraj’s life is spared. Dhanraj is however crooked in his ways and Veena has to pay the price with her life. The film is directed by K Bapaiah and produced by Chintaplli Prasad. The music is composed by Bappi Lahiri. The star cast includes Rajnikanth, Sridevi and Silk Smita.