Released On - 10 May 2024     2hr 20min

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Dharani Rasendran is the writer and director of the historical period play Yaathisai, set in 2024. Thirumurugan Kalilingam authored the play's dialogue, while Dharani Rasendran wrote the script. Along with Guru Somasundaram, Chandrakumar, and several others in supporting parts, Shakthi Mithran, Seyon, and Raja Lakshmi appeared in the main roles. Mahendran Ganesan edited the film, while Akilesh Kathamuthu handled the cinematography. Babu D authored the song lyrics, while Chakravarthy composed the soundtracks and background music for this film. K. J. Ganesh produced this film under the auspices of Venus Entertainer and Six Star Entertainment.