Aasma: The Sky Is The Limit

Released On - 23 Jan 2009     1hr 55min

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The story of this movie revolves around young college kids who in the face of adversity, show that they are relentless and will not give up till they achieve what they have hoped to achieve. All the characters of the film are strong and they have an undying spirit within themselves. The movie’s main story is based around the theatre group called ‘Aasma’, which is formed by the group of college kids.


The group of Aasma are extremely talented, hard working and know their craft well. They all have been through a lot of struggle in putting up the theatre group. Just when they thought everything is falling into place, the group’s main sponsor played by Sachin Khedekar, back out. They are back to square one and are extremely stressed as to how their show will go on. The group decides to stick together and face all the difficulties that come their way with a brave face. However their aspirations are short lived when they find out that one of the members of their group has contracted Aids.


The movie is directed by Rohit Nayyar and produced by Ram Kishore Saxena. The music is composed by Afsar and Sajid.